Practical Leviticus: a compendium

I have a book for sale on Amazon!

Well, it’s an e-book, but still I HAVE A BOOK FOR SALE ON AMAZON!!

And, for the low, low price of 99 cents (USD).

So, go buy it now!!

What do you mean you want to know a little bit about it before committing ninety-nine of your hard-earned US cents?

From the book description at Amazon:

Practical Leviticus is not a replacement for the book of Leviticus, it is, instead, my response to having read Leviticus as part of a bible study.  What follows is a work of art, this is not a scholarly work. These are my thoughts about what is important, no more than that. If you want real inspiration, read the books of your faith or philosophy.
These words are not all my own, I have quoted, misquoted and paraphrased sources as diverse as Mother Teresa, Bono and Chekov. If the quotes adapted for this work construe something other than what the original speaker intended, the fault is my own. If the words that follow reveal a bias not in keeping with the sentiment of the original speakers or writers of these words, the fault is my own. I have chosen not to attribute the actual quotations (Yes, that was a choice), because I did not want this work to be about the people quoted, I wanted it to be about the thoughts expressed.
I hope you will enjoy this and maybe find it useful in some way.

The e-book is as collection of saying I think are the kind of good advice someone could use for a lifetime.

I started it in 2006, just after I arrived in Ontario and have reimagined it, rearranged it and revised it, and finally it’s read for the world (I hope).

My plan is to start making more of my work available via e-books.

My works tend to be shorter (yes I’m working on a novel length, well, novel and I’m not sure how I’ll release that, but trust me I won’t have to worry about that for a while. Realistically, you’ll probably be able to download it to your neural implant by the time I’m done), and I think they lend themselves well to e-readers.

I’ve read novels on my old Palm T|X and actually found it satisfying (Except for Little Women, but that wasn’t about the medium, that was about the message), but I’m not sure many people would read 40,000 words on most electronic devices.

And as for why Kindle, well, it’s the big fish, and I’m tired of betting on the plucky underdog (I really thought the Empire was going to win when it struck back [Maybe I don’t understand what an underdog is]).

So, in closing, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please buy my book.

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