The Great Hiatus

Holmes and Moriarty fighting over the
Reichenbach Falls, by Sidney Paget.

When I started blogging, some time slightly before the founding of the Ottoman Emipire and after the fall of the Roman Empire, (did you know Istanbul used to be called Constantinople?) I read an article on another blog which advised if you’re posting after an extended absence don’t start with an apology for not blogging, just write your article, post it and move on as if nothing happened.

I’ve generally followed that advice when it’s been too long between posts, but this most recent absence has been a bit unreasonable.

It’s been over a year since my last post, and three months before the post prior to that.

My excuse for my blogging absence, which the aforementioned article suggested not going into, was working full-time (yeah!) having a second job for a few months (yeah!) and two people at home who I very much enjoy spending time with.

They, however, have not been able to ameliorate my tendency to end sentences in prepositions.


It’s a preposition, look it up. (You know, jokes are a lot less fun when you have to explain them.) Fine, it’s funny (trust me it is) because I’ve just admitted to thinking sentences shouldn’t end in prepositions (there are other schools of though on this) and then put in an obscure preposition as a complete sentence, breaking that rule, then breaking the other rule that says a sentence must have a noun and a verb (there are no other schools of though on that [see what I did there?]), thereby creating a humourous juxtaposition of rules acknowledgement and breaking rules.

You know, you’re a lot less fun than you used to. Be.

I’m even feeling guilt about not seeing my closest friends on a regular or even infrequent basis.

Mind you, I’m given to understand that between marriage and a child one can end up less frequently seeing friends and family.

I’ve missed blogging, I’ve been wanting to get back to this.

I haven’t made a resolution, per se, but there are things I want to return to now that my day job is down to three days a week.

My plan is to post at least twice a month, and also do some creative works as well.

So, like Sherlock, this blog lives.

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